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We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who fight to preserve our freedom. Our men and women in uniform deserve the highest quality care when they return home. From access to high quality health care, to education opportunities and other readjustment assistance, I am committed to working hard for the veterans in the 22nd Congressional District.

Constituent service for veterans is a priority for my district office staff.  I make every effort possible to educate and provide assistance to veterans regarding their well-deserved federal benefits.

While Congress works through this difficult budget environment it is important to minimize the impact on programs that our service members, retirees, and veterans rely on. As a country, it is our duty to respect the memory of those lost and honor those who have fought for our freedom.

Our budget should not be balanced on the backs of our nation’s veterans, which is why I introduced legislation, H.R. 299, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, which awards the presumption of service connection for diseases association with the herbicide Agent Orange to Vietnam veterans who served in the territorial seas of the Republic of Vietnam. This presumption of service connection existed prior to 2002, and it is important for Congress to restore this presumption no matter the cost. 

I will work to make certain we never forget or take for granted the sacrifices our veterans and their families made to preserve the freedoms you and I enjoy.