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I am committed to pursuing common sense approaches to protect the environment. I believe that it is important to develop technologies that enable us to reduce pollution, ensure clean air and water, and protect our environment for future generations. However, our nation’s energy policies should also serve the American people. In order to foster economic growth, it is imperative that we continue to utilize our natural resources, allowing American business to remain competitive while protecting domestic jobs.
I firmly believe we must increase our supply of safe, clean energy to provide power for our electrical grid. To achieve that, we need a diverse, “all of the above” energy plan that includes nuclear and clean coal power plants as well as oil and natural gas exploration, wind, solar, and hydro energy. These proven technologies have minimal impact on the environment and create jobs right here in the United States. In the short term, we must reduce red tape and end frivolous litigation that blocks the development of America’s energy resources. Energy security is a major challenge that can be overcome by making use of American ingenuity, innovation, and natural resources.

California can play an instrumental role in domestic energy production. In addition to renewable energy sources, our state has the potential to produce substantial amounts of oil and natural gas, solar energy, and hydro-power. By developing California’s energy resources, we can create good paying, high quality jobs in our communities while lowering our national demand for energy by supporting innovation to improve our economy’s energy efficiency.
America has amazing potential. We have changed the world through our innovation, making it a better place. Energy security is a major challenge, but it will be surmounted through American ingenuity, innovation, and natural resources. I will continue to work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to promote fiscally sound and environmentally sustainable policies.