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Foreign Affairs

For most of the last century, the United States has been the world leader in economic, military, and humanitarian terms. America has been, and must continue to be, the greatest force for good in the world. 

American foreign policy has had many incredible triumphs in past decades. The end of the Cold War was a victory achieved through the unabated efforts of nine presidents from both parties. While the nature of the threats we face has changed and we no longer fight against a monolithic enemy, the necessity of a unified long-term commitment to our policy and principles has not diminished. 

I believe that America needs a long-term foreign policy strategy to navigate the twenty-first century world. Today, we face an ever-changing world that provides many opportunities and challenges. It is necessary to work with our partners and allies around the globe to combat the growing threat of the Islamic State and to prevent terrorist attacks on our homeland. Russia has reemerged and has become a relevant player in the Middle East and Europe, and we must counteract them and prevent them from becoming more powerful. Countries such as Iran and North Korea continue to develop nuclear capabilities and I will work with my colleagues in Congress and the Administration to ensure oversight over any deals made regarding nuclear weapons.

While the United States faces complicated challenges in the world today, Congress is responsible in part for crafting foreign policy that is effective and fiscally accountable in maintaining and furthering America's interests abroad.