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  • Preserving DACA Must be a Priority for Congress
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on September 20, 2017 | Preview rr

    The House of Representatives and the Senate must pass a permanent legislative solution now. Legislative solutions such as the Dream Act of 2017 or the RAC Act will build upon the success of DACA by legislatively codifying the program, fortifying the economic vitality of our country, and upholding our word to these individuals who dream to be Americans. Read more

  • Why I voted for the American Health Care Act
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on May 19, 2017 | Preview rr

    As a parent, there is absolutely nothing more important to me than ensuring families have access to quality, affordable health insurance. The American Health Care Act will stabilize our health-care system, ensuring our community has access to high quality, affordable health care. Read more

  • Closing the Gap
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on September 14, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Education

    As the father of three children, I know how critical the early years of a child’s life are to their future personal development. Ensuring every child, regardless of learning ability, income level or race, has the knowledge and resources to succeed in school and eventually lead a productive career and satisfying life is essential. Read more

  • David G. Valadao: Bridging Partisan Lines
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on January 21, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense and Military, Economy and Jobs, Education, Budget, Healthcare, Immigration, Social Security and Medicare, Water

    Published in the Fresno Bee on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Read more

  • Why I Oppose Iran Nuclear Pact
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on September 8, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense and Military

    Big flaw in agreement is its temporary nature | Secret side deals are another major concern | Boost to Iran’s economy will make Middle East even less stable Read more

  • There is Momentum for Reform
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on September 5, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Immigration

    Congress faces an important task in the coming months, and the pressure is mounting. We must achieve comprehensive immigration reform that provides a reliable work force for the appropriate industries, addresses the millions without proper documents living and working in the United States, and protects our borders. Read more

  • Sikh American Caucus
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on May 21, 2013 | Preview rr

    The American identity is made up of the diversity of our people. We are a nation of immigrants, united by our commitment to freedom, tolerance, and opportunity. We respect our neighbors and our differences. It is those differences in culture, religion, and ethnicity that contribute to the national identity we share. Read more

  • Let the Valley Flourish
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on May 17, 2013 | Preview rr

    The Central Valley has been home to agriculture and energy development for generations. This way of life is less about what we do, and more about who we are. Over time the state and federal governments have imposed policies and regulations that discourage growth in the very industries we rely on. This has led to high unemployment and an unhealthy dependence on public assistance. Read more