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Financial Services

It is important that our financial sector is regulated responsibly to improve transparency and accountability, while providing the market the flexibility it needs to thrive. Americans need to be able to rely on a sound financial sector that allows them to manage their money, make investments, and see a stable market that allows for their own prosperity and financial growth. I believe in consumer choice and sound regulation of our financial markets. The economic crisis our country faced nearly a decade ago cost Americans jobs and created uncertainty for many families.
People need to have access to institutions that provide the services they need at a low cost. Local banks and credit unions should be able to provide a variety of services that benefit everyone, regardless of economic background. Additionally, our markets should be open for investment. The government cannot politicize the market and overregulate it to the point that it does not help folks reach economic stability and success. 
We need to make sure the housing market is sound and gives consumers the choice to determine what mortgages best suit their needs. Lending is a big component of our economy in the Central Valley. As a farmer, I know the importance of banking and lending when it comes to starting a business or building a home. This is why it is important that folks should feel comfortable and reassured that America’s financial sector is sound.
I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to cut the red tape and make sure that every American has access to markets and banks. We need to learn from the mistakes that were made in the last recession and make sure that the problems of Wall Street don’t affect those on Main Street.