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Government Spending

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Just like every family in America, the United States government must learn to spend no more than they take in.

Our national debt has skyrocketed over the past decade to become a $20 trillion-dollar black hole. If the United States is to escape this economic disaster, we must reduce government spending and learn to live within our means. I believe we can get America’s fiscal house in order while keeping the promises we have made to Americans and ensuring safety-net programs remain available to those who need it most.

Congress will have to make tough decisions now in order to secure our future. Removing burdensome regulations on small businesses will stimulate economic growth and put Americans back to work. Implementing a fairer tax code with strong incentives to work and invest will broaden our tax base, lower the tax burden for all Americans, and provide increased support for necessary federal programs.

It is time to get serious about our nation’s spending problem and come together to do what is best for the American people.
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U.S. Congressman David G. Valadao

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