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I believe high quality, affordable healthcare should be available to Americans of every income level. It is important to enact reforms that lower the cost of healthcare for all Americans and ensure we are able to maintain access to healthcare for America’s most vulnerable populations. 

Congress must provide robust support for our social safety-net programs, like Medicaid, so they can continue to ensure access to healthcare for all Americans.

I support national medical liability reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits that clog our courts and increase health care costs for patients.

I believe Medicare is a promise the government has made to the American people and I do not support any changes to benefits for current beneficiaries and near retirees. However, we must reform Medicare to ensure we can keep its promise for generations to come.

There is no doubt we have a health care crisis on our hands. I am confident we can fix our healthcare problems by weeding out waste, fraud, and abuse to bring down costs while still offering affordable healthcare.  It is my priority to ensure your healthcare remains in the hands of you and your doctor, not the government.

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