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I greatly value your input and look forward to reading and responding to your opinions and views. Thank you for keeping in touch with me and allowing me to serve as your Representative in Congress. Below you will find instructions on how to contact me regarding various concerns and requests.

Scheduling Requests

If you would like to schedule a meeting with me either in California or Washington, please complete and submit the Scheduling Request Form.

Visit Washington, DC

If you would like to request a tour or are looking for more information on visiting Washington, please visit our tour information page and submit the Tour Request Form.

Office Locations

If you are looking for the location of each of my offices please visit my office information page.

Assistance with a Federal Agency

If you are in need of immediate assistance with a federal agency, please contact my Hanford district office at (559) 582-5526. Additionally, please visit my casework information page.

Email David

I greatly value your input and look forward to responding to your views. Residents of California's 21st Congressional District may contact me by first entering your five-digit zip code below.

U.S. Congressman David G. Valadao

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